c. 1960 Our sainted grandmother Amelia aka, Meal - she ADORED Rob.c. 1961 Rob in Pennsylvania before the move to Connecticut.1965 George and Rob at Harveys Lake in Pennsylvania.c. 1966 in Edwardsville, Pennsylvaniac. 1968 Rob in Clifton, New Jersey.c. 1969 Rob in Clifton, New Jersey.c. 1970 Jay, Rob, Michael, et al in Pennsylvania.c. 1971 Rob in a class photograph.1973 Mark T. Sheehan High School graduation photograph.Rob was a HUGE fan of the BOSS.c. 1975 Rob with his father Bob in Shavertown, Pennsylvania.c. 1975 in Shavertown, Pennsylvania with Michael, JT and me.1978 Before UTC, Rob was on a remodeling crew for a small estate. This was the driveway.1978 This was the house where he worked.1978 Watching "Rocky" when we were roommates in Courtdale, Pennsylvania. Rob LOVED that movie.c. 1979 Cousinly love :-)c. 1980 Our grandparents Amelia, aka, Meal and Mully.c. 1980 The "Sheehan" shirts were gifts from Rob. He would never tell me where he got them ;-)1982 At the wedding of Michael and Joyce. Me, Mike, JT and Rob.c. 1983 In Courtdale, Pennsylvania on our way to a wedding. Rob's Camaro is in the background.